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Indian Greeting WIP

In India Almost everyone greet people with tea, I want to make shot mainly with tea, I did this in my free time,
comment and critics are most welcome.

Parabhdeep singh 03

Just tried with some bubbles in tea liquid but still its not looking as i need

Parabhdeep singh 02

Base Blocking

Parabhdeep singh capture

Ruff Camera angle

Parabhdeep singh 04

Some DOF

Parabhdeep singh 09

Painted some maps for glass

Parabhdeep singh 10

another variation, Im quite satisfied from this, added roughness and some displacement and ior in variation

Parabhdeep singh 05

Some older render also for tea color

Parabhdeep singh 11

Some snacks render but not satisfied with this color.

Parabhdeep singh 12

30th Oct 2018, plate snapshot Substance, Im quite satisfy with it, now time to get same result in Anrold.

Parabhdeep singh 13

Render From Maya Arnold 12th Nov 2018,I know Im late but definitely complete this

Parabhdeep singh hk sai ying pun 105 first street glass cup milk tea break restaurant may 2011